About Robin

Robin Schattefor

In order to get people moving again, you need to know what stopped them in the first place.

About Robin

Sports truly ruled his life, as a third division volleyball player, a graduated sports instructor and a physical education teacher. He now applies everything he learnt as a sports coach and teacher to people and organisations. After completing his Business Economics and Sports Academy courses, Robin has more than proven himself with over 20 years as a Sales Manager, Marketing Director and Interim Manager. He founded his own agency in 1995: Schatte for Sale, sales training and interim sales management. He also started focussing on coaching in 1999 by following NLP, Coaching, Psychology, Career Coaching and Study Choice Coaching courses. Schatte for Coaching is therefore a logical next step.

My passion

It’s my passion to get people moving, ensuring their job satisfaction, personal power and effectiveness can all grow; I would like to share this passion with you to allow you to continue growing! In other words, working on your growth together.

People don’t allow themselves to be convinced by others, they much prefer to convince themselves.

Robin as a coach

Wanting to and being able to do something are your basis for improvement. Together we can map out the challenges as a starting point for your growth and development by gaining an insight into your specific situation. We will use this information to agree on feasible and measurable objectives, practical and no longer than necessary: a concrete start and a measurable end. I confront people about their responsibilities, drive and motivation, this is exactly what you need in order to achieve growth.
I have coached, to name but a few, the higher management team at BNP Banque Parisbas Fortis in Belgium, the middle management team at Rabobank and Maxfurn, PSV, Cargill, ING, New Horizons and Chubb Varel.

What characterises me as a coach

  • I will challenge you to look at yourself in a critical manner
  • I am an independent coach who thinks outside of the box
  • I can be confrontational if a situation demands it, but always with respect
  • I can provide assistance/management during my coaching, but the choice of action will always lie with you
  • I have a sense of humour and am a provocative coach
  • I am analytical, creative, involved, results focussed and open

The extensive experience I have built up as a coach within the business community and beyond allows me to quickly and personally connect with your questions, in order to investigate and successfully tackle these together. This results in an effective insight and will open up new perspectives.

Robin as a trainer

Robin has supported junior sales representatives, sales executives, account managers and sales organisations in various different market sectors with measurable improving sales performance levels since 1995. He will join you on visits to prospects or customers as an on the job trainer.
Robin has now trained and coached more than 750 sales representatives and sales managers in Dutch, German and English, nationally and internationally: De Lage Landen, Thermo Fisher, Thermo Scientific, VANAD, Centerparcs, Marriott Hotels, Richardson, Rabobank, ING, UNOX, Heuschen & Schroef, Maxfurn, Dereumaux, BCS and PSV.

What characterises me as a trainer

  • I am practically oriented and have a high level of empathy
  • I translate my methods in line with what’s applicable within your company
  • I can effortlessly adjust in line with different cultures and corporate philosophies
  • I can manage and lead discussions in English, German, French and Spanish
  • I am genuinely interested in your company and am empathetic towards your employees
  • My training is confrontational, yet respectful, tolerant and fun

I have combined my training experience with a major development drive in order to use my unbridled commitment to permanently and significantly improve people’s qualities and insights. I do this in my own unique way: encouraging, sharing, guiding, down to earth, humorous and pure.