Schattefor Coaching

As your coach, I will help you to see what you couldn’t see, hear what you couldn’t hear, to eventually be what you always knew you could be.

Coaching will allow you to get the very most out of your abilities. If you can no longer see the wood for the trees, I will give you the inspiration to subsequently decide on your own direction again. My focus is on getting the very best out of you, with the provision of suggestions rather than advice.

– Robin Schattefor

Do not focus on boundaries
focus on possibilities.






Coaching is a form of counselling which is based on equality and your own responsibility, allowing you to develop self-awareness, competency and effective behaviour through interaction with the coach. This will give you the opportunity to realise personal change and growth.


Coaching is effective as a means of improving financial results. Good coaching allows managers to change whilst learning, which results in greater self-knowledge, new perspectives, improved performance levels and greater adaptability.


Organisations believe that coaching helps to retain employees and that staff investments are actually lower when compared to the costs associated with replacing employees.
(Source: Harvard Business School)

How can I help you?

Career coaching

To gain more control over your career, powerful choices are needed.


Removing barriers and learning more effective and efficient work habits.

Schattefor Sale

Sales training and training on the job to improve sales performance levels.





Coaching is booming!

– Prof. Dr. Willem Mastenbroek

Over 25% of the people working with high or intermediate education get help from a coach. Especially people with higher education (University, MBA) need it, 35% regularly talk with someone who serves as a sounding board. Coaches are primarily engaged in the field of personal development.

Invest in yourself

Of all people with experience in coaching 80 % see it as investing in themselves, like sports, courses and healthy eating. Of those who have ever consulted a coach, 64% have reduced absenteeism and their careers have fallen into a higher gear.

Personal development

Coaches are primarily engaged in the personal development, as the study shows. Also in conflict situations a coach may show up while he or she can also help people who get stuck in their careers. Women more often choose a coach for conflict (55%) than men (44%).