Do you ever ask yourself the following questions?

  • How again do I find pleasure and challenge in my work?
  • What qualities and talents do I possess?
  • How can I better profile myself as a manager?
  • Am I ready for the next step in my career?
  • How to make a responsible choice in my career?
  • How do I develop my qualities and skills any further?
  • How do I get more inspiration in my work and life?
  • I can no longer work in my old job, what can I do ?
  • I want to go back to work but I do not know what suits me!
  • I experience similar problems, how can I do it differently?
  • I plan to start my own business, is that a wise choice?
  • And if so, where do I start and how do I set it up?

In the career coaching of Schattefor Coaching you will get our unique attention to your career!

Coaching Program

Do you feel that you are no longer in the right place? Are you insufficiently challenged? Does your job cost you too much energy? Or would you simply want to do something different? To gain more control over your career powerful choices are needed. But how do you become the director of your own career again? Schattefor Coaching helps you to achieve this with a short and intensive customized coaching program. This is based on your strengths and talents. So you are constantly developing yourself and achieve what you really care about.


Our coaching programs are always customized focused on your personal goals. For most programs five or six calls from 1,5 hours will already be effective. Depending on your coaching question you may require more or less calls.

What’s in it for you?

After a career coaching program of Schattefor Coaching:

  • You can give a positive turn to your career
  • You can present and profile yourself
  • Can you adequately use networks and make your elevator pitch
  • You will be able to make choices at the labor market
  • You will be the director of your own career
  • You know what motivates you in your work better
  • You use your talents optimally
  • You will get more enjoyment and success out of your work

For whom?

For anyone who is serious about achieving his or her ambitions. You want to gain new insights, set yourself specific goals and to achieve them. You want to expand your Comfort Zone.


Costs upon request.
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