Management Coaching

Many managers have virtually ‘rolled’ into their new managerial roles and often do things based on their senses or experiences. However, a managerial position will put you in quite a different position. You are no longer ‘one of the guys’, but you now also need to confront others about their behaviour and you will sometimes also need to conduct bad news conversations. You are no longer particularly involved with the content of the profession, but more with the organisation, the safeguarding of progress, implementing changes, delegating and managing your team.

What’s the objective?

Management coaching is a powerful tool if you would like to gain support in the form of a sparring partner. Management coaching is intended to (continue to) deepen your own understanding of your performance levels in a casual atmosphere. Your situation is a central focus point in this regard. We use management coaching to teach you how to make your potential qualities visible, ensuring you can fully develop as a manager.

Management coaching will devote unique attention to the specific areas
you want to develop further!

Which subjects will be addressed?

  • How can I profile myself as a (starting out) manager?
  • What is my personal leadership style?
  • Developing a managerial coaching style
  • Gaining a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing advice in accordance with the organisation’s interests
  • Motivating my team members; meetings, time management
  • Developing my managerial competencies
  • Adequately conducting bad news meetings, assessments and performance appraisals
  • Tactfully dealing with stressful situations and conflict situations
  • Finding a healthy balance between control and delegation
  • Transferring my ideas across to employees and acquiring commitment

For whom?

Management coaching is intended for you as a project manager, practice leader, team leader, coordinator, manager, advisor or department head and if you manage an organisation, a business unit, your own company or a department. Suitable for managers who, for example, want to develop more of a coaching management style or who want to gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, their core qualities and pitfalls.

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