Success comes from good judgement. Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement!

Employees who have direct contact with customers are of decisive importance for the result of an organization. Professional training and coaching of communciation skills and commercial talent is the key to our succes.

Schattefor Coaching Veldhoven has been at the top of the Dutch market for 25 years and its trainining partners include Portakbin, DLL, Service Best and Apex International.

Schattefor Coaching creates customized training programs and supports managers in coaching their teams. Therefore, their motto is ” perform visibly better”. The most successful programs are also offered individually.

Companies in the Eindhoven region can subscribe to top quality trainings at competitive rates, close to home; we deliver training in English, German and Dutch.

Coaching on the job

Your employees will receive individual guidance during their daily activities with coaching on the job. The coach will instruct, inspire, stimulate and motivate the participants. We will enter into agreements regarding what the content will look like, depending on the programme which preceded the coaching on the job. Coaching on the job will often follow on from a previously completed training course:

  • inbound/outbound calls
  • cold calling and commercial telephone calls
  • sales calls and customer visits
  • employee discussions, meetings, presentations
  • middle management training

The duration and content of the project will always be agreed on with the customer. The actual development needs and focus points will be inventorised via an intake phase. This information will serve as the basis for the eventual approach plan and will usually take place through discussions with managerial staff and other course participants.


Coaching on the job is intended for employees or managers who are in need of more effective and efficient work habits, or who experience limitations or barriers in their work.

For whom?

Managers, team leaders, supervisors, relationship managers at contact centres, customer service agencies, and sales teams.


Top Job Coach starts with an intake interview and will subsequently accompany you on the shop floor to gain a good understanding of the culture, the working methods and practical situations. We will then formulate clear, feasible and especially practical learning objectives together. The project will consist of an unspecified number of individual coaching moments, during which we will work on the pre-set learning objectives. We will complete an evaluation with you once the project has come to an end.